Engineering Excellence - Putting science to practical usage

Our strong engineering gene pool ensures scientific approach towards all projects and activities. We strive to discover the best of technologies and talent which enables us to optimize resource utilization and maximise output. Our engineering background helps in bidding optimal pricing, model structuring, quality assessment, apposite material selection and project automation. Our strength of over 350 engineers reinforces our commitment of providing technology driven solutions for all tasks.

Project Management - A systematic approach towards all projects

We possess the most comprehensive Project Management capabilities and have the experience of large number of extremely diverse projects across the country. Our practice of deploying seasoned project managers for every site facilitates seamless project rollout within the scheduled time. A flat structure between MD-CEO Office and Project office improves the response time for any decision. We use state of the art Management Information Systems for finance and inventory management which results in accurate material assessment and price monitoring. Our stringent quality parameters and safety standards keep our clients contended and employees safe.

Challenge = Opportunity - A challenge for others is an opportunity for us

Our ability to work under complex circumstances, difficult terrains and tightest of deadlines have set unprecedented standards in the industry. Our employees worked under challenging climatic conditions of Leh-Kargil and Jaisalmer (50°) and still managed to execute the project within the allocated timeframe. Our FMS Company has undertaken the task of providing cleaning services for 7 packages of the Commonwealth Games which requires manpower of 3000 people and a timeframe of just 3 months. Our MSW projects require simultaneous coordination between – Central Government, State Government, Municipal Corporation, local civic bodies, NGO’s and Door to Door customers, however, our inclusive approach enables us to accord with all stakeholders.

Strong Logistics - Right resources at the right time

From installing substations In Jammu and Kashmir (North) to cleaning Railway Coaches in Chennai (South) our Pan-India network is well equipped to carry out any project at any location. By following our Hub and Spoke approach we establish control centers in major cities which manage the material and manpower requirements of all our remote sites. Our strong logistical support has played a pivotal role in route planning and material delivery to sites in Orissa, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Rajasthan and Collection & Transportation of Municipal waste in Varanasi, Meerut, Aligarh, Moradabad, Indore and Patna.

Innovation - Newer ways to do it better

We believe that to improve you have to look beyond traditional methods and discover newer ways of pursuing things. Our Research and Development teams are constantly embarked in studying global technologies and testing their applications in the domestic environment. We have introduced bespoke Mobile Enabled Billing-Collection in the MSW sector, adopting CFBC technology for Biomass Power which ensures tremendous flexibility in the Renewable Energy Sector and developing State-of-the art Organic Compost in the MSW sector.

Vendor Development - We grow with our partners

At A2Z we give strong emphasis on developing symbiotic relationships with all our vendors. We follow a diligent approach in scrutinizing our vendors as they play a key role in the success of any project .We identify vendors who have the potential to grow and help them with financial support and also promote them in their respective industries. We involve our vendors in formulating procurement strategies as its help in sourcing quality materials and control pricing.

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