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Newspaper Advertisement of Notice of EGM 2015/07/24
Letter of Appriciation from DIC Kanpur Nagar regarding visit of DU Stutents 2014/03/15
Control Room Setup in Ludhiana to monitor Cleanliness in the city 2013/05/23
Waste-to-Energy to get fund boost 2013/03/01
Cleanliness Drive held at Sarabha Nagar Ludhiana 2013/02/23
World bank officials appreciate A2Z Kanpur plant. 2013/02/14
Eliminating Waste to Illuminate Cities - Thanks to A2Z 2013/01/23
Indore gets country's first "Smart Electricity Meter" - Thanks to A2Z Group 2012/11/23
A2Z sets up Central Control Room 2012/11/01
Bangalore can learn from Kanpur model 2012/08/30
Clean Kanpur: A successful waste disposal management saga 2012/08/21
Clean Kanpur: Concerned authorities asked Government, Municipal Corporation to support A2Z 2012/08/12
Wonders of waste disposal in Kanpur - A2Z's Kanpur Waste Management Plant is the largest producer of Compost from organic waste. 2012/07/25
Waste Management Business brings success to A2Z Group. 2012/07/01
A2Z Waste Management Private Limited has been entrusted the cleanliness of Jagannath Temple premises during the ten day long Rath Yatra cum fair. 2012/06/19
A2Z Green Waste Management Ltd. (formerly known as A2Z Infrastructure Limited) will keep 21 wards in Jaipur clean. 2012/06/01
A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Ltd. has started a toll-free helpline 1800-120-0117 for the residents to file complaints regarding garbage lifting. 2012/05/30
A2Z Green Waste Management Ltd. (formerly known as A2Z Infrastructure Limited) gets work order to keep Jaipur Clean 2012/05/30
Officials from Jaipur state that "A2Z is the best", while visiting the A2Z Kanpur plant. 2012/05/16
A fine of Rs 2,000 per day for this calendar year will be imposed on the restaurants that are not handing over solid waste to A2Z Green Waste Management Ltd. (formerly known as A2Z Infrastructure Limited), which is looking after waste management of the state capital. 2012/04/17
Ranchi Municipal Corporation, with its partner organisation A2Z Waste Management Pvt. Ltd, launched a special three-day cleanliness drive from Thursday to give the city a spic and span look before the Ramnavami and Sarhul festivals. 2012/03/25
A2Z's Weekly Cleanliness Drives starts off at Ranchi, covering 8 wards. 2012/03/14
Commissioner Bhuvanesh Kumar and Mayor Madhu Gurjar inaugrates our 600 Tonnes per Day Solid Waste Treatment Plant at Merrut. 2012/03/11
Ahmadabad Mayor and his team visits Kanpur Plant and speaks with our Staff at Kanpur 2012/03/01
Power-Starved Punjab going Green: Generates Energy from Waste 2012/02/20
A2Z waste collection generates Rs 21L/month 2012/02/17
We educated our staff about maintaining hygiene and cleanliness 2012/02/17
A2Z bags 30 year contract for keeping Dhanbad city clean 2012/02/17
Ranchi Municipal Corporation fines citizens throwing garbage on streets and not using A2Z's services 2012/02/12
A2Z takes up responsibility to clean up Nainital - starts from Snow View 2012/02/03
A2Z Services high-altitude locations like Nainital with its Mini-Tippers 2012/02/03
Deputy Mayor urges citizens to coordinate better with A2Z on Waste Management 2012/01/26
A2Z visits slums to raise awareness for the need of cleanliness and hygiene 2012/01/22
RMC CEO joins A2Z Officials in the Sanitary Awareness Drive 2012/01/21
School Children joined the Cleanliness drive in large numbers to spread the word around 2012/01/20
Cleanliness drive in Ranchi by A2Z is flagged off by the Governor 2012/01/19
Week-long Cleanliness drive in Ranchi by A2Z to spread awareness among the public about Cleanliness 2012/01/19
Center Point at Aligarh gets a facelift, thanks to A2Z 2012/01/30
A2Z brings 2 automated Desilting Machines to keep the gutters in Ranchi flowing unobstructed by Silt 2011/12/30
Health Camp 2011/08/26
Message of Peace Given in a Roja Eftar Party 2011/08/25
Door-to-door Garbage Collection from Aug 15th -
Kanpur gears up to have the country’s first power plant run by wastes 2011/08/06
A2Z Plant helping Kanpur become clean and green 2011/07/25
A2Z reduces Municipal Corporation’s expenses 2011/07/10
User Cash Collection begins in Muzaffarnagar 2011/07/08
Helper to reach your house to collect garbages 2011/06/20
Heaps of Garbage on its way out 2011/06/20
A2Z to provide jobs to youths from weaker section of the society 2011/06/20
British High Commissioner praised A2Z and its waste collection operations 2011/05/26
Visiting Kanpur Plant Farooq Abdullah said "Wah Kanpur". 2011/05/21
A2Z Plant all set to start power generation from August end 2011/05/21
Mr. Amit Mittal Features in India Today. 2011/05/21
Nanded to have A2Z Waste Management Plant 2011/05/19
Waste-processing plant trial run in Indore gets underway 2011/05/17
A2Z Bags House Tax Bills Delivery Too in Every Household of Kanpur 2011/05/11
Kanpur Will Be The First City of The Country; Power Plant to Be Set Up in Bhonti 2011/04/20
A2Z to clean Muslim Areas 2011/04/20
KNN working on 'operation clean-up' 2011/04/19
A2Z cleans and shines Baradevi temple premises 2011/04/11
Citizen’s Feedback to change the face of the city 2011/03/30
Along with Indore, Madhya Pradesh to wipe out garbage bins from 37 Cities 2011/03/25
Waste, a blessing for the city 2011/03/19
M.P.P.K.V.V.C.L excited by the results of 2 Feeders 2011/02/09
User Charges Reduced 2011/01/25
Park is in playing condition after the span of 5 years 2010/12/26
Now E- Bricks from Waste 2010/12/17
No garbage would be visible on roads after three months from now 2010/12/02
Disposal of plastics that is turning Earth barren 2010/07/14
Ray of Hope 2010/07/14
Freedom from Garbage 2010/07/14
The Waste will be converted into compost from 15th August 2010/07/14
Jabalpur on top in recovery of arrears worth Rs 16 Crore 2010/07/14
3 Acre of Land required for Disposal of Waste 2010/07/14
Door to Door Garbage Collection from 15th August 2010/07/14
Compost as well as Electricity from Garbage 2010/07/01
Hello! Good Morning, have any waste? 2010/06/25
The Awareness Campaign by Jagaran 2010/06/25
A2Z Green Waste Management Ltd. (formerly known as A2Z Infrastructure Limited) wins JCB CII – APTDC Award for excellence in Solid Waste Management. 2010/06/18
Garbage is full of “Power” 2010/06/18
Solid waste management project awarded 2010/06/18
Kanpur among top 10 sanitised cities of country 2010/06/18
Waste may no longer be wasted on roads 2010/06/18
Corpn readies for go-green drive 2010/06/18
5 projects in pipeline to make Kanpur a cleaner city 2010/06/18
India’s first integrated waste mgmt plant coming up in Kanpur 2010/06/18
Mr. Mittal’s Interview on E&Y (Part1) 2010/06/07
Mr. Mittal’s Interview on UTV 2010/06/07
PATNA NAGAR NIGAM – Radio Spots 2010/06/07
Waste Management Scheme released from paper 2010/06/07
Solid waste project to beautify the city 2010/06/07
Waste-A resource for the future 2010/06/07
Malva Express will be cleaned every time. 2010/06/07
It will be rejuvenation of cities’ footpaths. 2010/06/07
A dumping ground by name, a picnic spot in reality 2010/06/07
Private companies will pick up garbage in New Capital zone. 2010/06/07
Garbage–carriages for the narrow colonies 2010/06/07
Onboard House Keeping introduced in Malwa Express 2010/06/07
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